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Porsche Taycan Charging

Charging the Porsche Taycan


In terms of charging time and range, the Taycan demonstrates what makes a genuine Porsche. Because we believe that a sports car should be ready to set off at any time, we do our utmost to facilitate simple charging that is integrated into everyday life. Because the only thing you should think about is where to go next.

Charging on the road

When purchasing a Taycan, you receive three years access to the ultra-high speed charging infrastructure of our joint partner, IONITY, where you can charge at preferential prices.

Porsche Turbo Charging at selected Porsche Centres further expands the Porsche charging network. Here, you can charge your Porsche to achieve a range of up to 62 miles in under six minutes (WLTP) under optimum conditions.

With Porsche Destination Charging, we have partnered with top destinations to ensure you have access to Porsche charging wherever you go, whether at luxury hotels, golf courses or other premium venues. As the driver, you can charge there for free.

Charging at home

Use the Mobile Charger Plus, connected to your mains supply as standard to charge your Porsche. Or charge using the intelligent Mobile Charger Connect with touchscreen. You can also attach the Mobile Charger Connect to your garage wall in the optional charging dock.

The optional Porsche Charging Dock is an elegant and secure wall mounting for your Porsche Mobile Charger Connect. The charger is easily clipped into the dock, and is safely attached and protected from external factors. It can be locked and used both indoors and outdoors.

Once you have selected your optimum charging solution, our recommended provider for home installation services, Anderson EV, can provide you with a bespoke quotation for installation in your preferred location. If you would prefer, you can use an electrician of your choice.

For more information on the new Taycan, please call us on 01327 355 911 or email info@porschesilverstone.co.uk and a member of our sales team will be happy to help.