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Alpine Boxter

Porsche customer's continental grand tour


Porsche Centre Silverstone customers Stuart and Pam bought their 981 Boxster in March 2018. They recently decided to take an European road trip through the scenic landscapes of France, Austria and Italy.

Stuart and Pam shared their 15 day journey log with us, along with a selection of stunning photographs of their Boxster in the snowy Alps.

The journey started with a 400 mile trip to Eastern France, before heading into Austria. They then battled the elements over the Brenner Pass into Italy, enjoying the stunning vistas of the Italian Lakes.

The return leg of their journey saw them departing from a lakeside resort west of Turin and heading back through France. The Boxster was certainly put through its paces along the twisting tarmac and hairpin bends of the French Alpine roads.

To top off the whole adventure, their final day was a 130-mile trip to the Eurotunnel at Calais, followed by another 150 miles to home. Their 15-day adventure saw them covering a total of 2,377 miles, with an impressive average of 36.13 mpg from the Boxster’s flat 6 engine.

When asked how the Boxster performed over the entire journey, Stuart replied “Faultlessly! Through a mixture of driving roads and conditions the car was sure-footed and made for an easy and enjoyable holiday.”

Responding to a question on what he likes most about his Boxster, Stuart commented "That's a difficult question because everything is good, and just works! Pam likes the speed and ease of closing the hood when necessary.”

As our customers know, Porsche are second to none when it comes to creating an unforgettable driving experience. Whether it's a continental grand tour, like Stuart and Pam's, or a few laps around the race circuit, we’d love to hear about your Porsche adventures. Please contact us on 01327 355 911 or info@porschesilverstone.co.uk if you'd like to share them with us.