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Eco Day at Boothville

Eco Day at Boothville Primary School


In March, Boothville Primary School in Northampton organised their first Eco Day to help pupils learn about the environment and how to respect and care for it.

Porsche Centre Silverstone sent four volunteers to the school to help with the project. Charlotte, Emma, Jordan and Simon got stuck in straight away digging out the chicken coop. The surrounding trees were cut back and the ground levelled out to make more room for the chickens to roam. Finally, they covered the ground in bark for the chickens to scratch and dig around in. The team then set about building a storage unit for Year Two to keep the chicken's bedding in. Fortunately Centre Principal Karl Cinnamond arrived at that point and helped the team to get the storage unit together!

The project also included planting food and decorative plants in various areas around the school. Porsche Centre Silverstone donated a huge number of plants - enough to fill a Panamera - to the school so that pupils can learn to care for them and understand what makes them thrive. The potted plants, shrubs and herbs will flower at different times of the year giving a constantly changing landscape for the children to enjoy.

Porsche is committed to producing more environmentally friendly options throughout the model range. Learn more about how Porsche is at the forefront of environmental motoring.