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The 924 ready to have the engine fitted
Jason positioning the engine
Kevin and Jason post engine fitting

1977 924 Martini Rossi - Classic Restoration Competition update


With nearly a month to go until the Classic Restoration Competition comes to a close at the Silverstone Classic event, our 1977 924 Martini Rossi is in the final stages of restoration and has now had its engine fitted.

Kevin Waterhouse, Workshop Manager at Porsche Centre Silverstone, explains what has happened to the car since the last update:

"We extracted the engine and gearbox assembly from the car, completely stripped all the ancillaries from the engine and got to work cleaning what was good and sourcing parts for the components that weren’t. We removed the cylinder head from the engine block and sump pan. The cylinder head was completely reconditioned using new tappets, camshaft, water pump and timing belts and rollers.

All the pulleys and electrical items, starter motor and alternator were stripped and cleaned thoroughly with any suspect parts replaced. We then removed the pistons and crankshaft assembly from the engine block and replaced the pistons and rings and had the block re-bored. The crankshaft was reground and we reassembled the engine using new bearings, seals and gaskets.

The oil pump had to be reconditioned as this part is no longer available and we were unable to source one. We reconditioned the unit and, using other components, we rebuilt it to well within the specification required to do its job.

We then fully reassembled the engine and refit it to the 924 Martini. We also replaced the clutch and components within the clutch assembly. The tolerances within the gearbox were checked and new seals and gaskets were fitted.”

For further updates view the Live Stream over the coming weeks.